Woman’s Health Magazine Review of R&R Wellness Retreat
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” When I broke my wrist, the doctor told me I’d never get the range of motion back in my hand or do a press up again. I came to Abi because I trusted her off the back of the help she’d given me before, fixing an issue I had with my hips.Over the course of a few weeks post-surgery she worked on my wrist. She also gave me a programme to work it in between sessions. It’s now been 3 months since my cast came off and there is nothing I can’t do with it. After so much anxiety about whether I would recover full use of it, I am so thrilled and grateful for her help. I can’t wait to show the doctor all the press ups I can do pain-free in my next appointment.

I have seen a range of Physios, Osteos and Sport Massage Therapists and none have impressed me as much, nor given me such an effective long-term programme to build strength and sustain recovery for any injuries or niggles I have. I’d recommend her to everyone.”

– Laura J
I had a fantastic week in October at the Restore and Reform retreat in Vilamoura Portugal . At the beginning of the year I had a skiing accident and ruptured my ACL and at the same time developed issues in my posterior tibial tendon in my left foot. I also had an ongoing rotator cuff problem which was also effecting my neck. My shoulder was operated on in March and I was making very slow progress to recovery. I was finding it difficult to progress all my injuries and was feeling quite down about it all. When I discovered Restore and Reform I immediately got in contact and spoke to Lucy who was very helpful and positive that they could make a difference. Next I had a meeting with physio Michelle who patiently spent 2 hours with me logging all my issues and before I knew it I was booked to go with my husband. On arrival we were picked up by Michelle and made to feel very welcome at the hotel. On entering our room our programme for the week was ready and waiting on the table with all the relevant information. The recovery programme, which I was on started promptly the next day with a stretch class on the veranda overlooking the golf course and this continued at 8 am every day. I had physio with Michelle each day and she adapted each session to fit my immediate needs on the relevant day. Michelle is a very positive person and it was this as well as the treatment that helped me move forwards in the week. She gives you confidence to push things a little further than what you thought you were capable of but is also mindful of not over doing things. My programme also consisted of 3 deep tissue massages which I had with Abi. Abi was extremely knowledgeable and professional, and the massages really made a difference to how my body felt. You were able to book additional ones at an extra cost, which I did. I also had 3 one to one reformer Pilates sessions with Lucy and once again her positivity and confidence shined through. Having never done this before I felt that it was a very controlled way of managing Pilates exercises and it built confidence in my abilities and improve my core strength. At the end of each day I had a restore and reform class, maximum 5 persons, which was adapted to each of the individuals problems. I found the week very satisfying and confidence building and it definitely has moved me to the next stage of my recovery. On my return Michelle has followed me up and sent a programme for me to follow. I feel that I can contact the team at any time if I need any further guidance/help.It was great to be around a group of very professional and positive individuals that understand your position. I would highly recommend it to anyone and as they say we spend so much on our cars to keep them going but rarely do we think of splashing out on sorting out our health issues. Thank you to you all!

– Sally J

” I am convinced that you have magic hands because after just an hour of treatment I was already feeling a lot better. You make me feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout the whole appointment. Even when I’m struggling to find the words to describe what’s wrong you are so patient and able to precisely pinpoint the problem. The level of attention and detail paid in structuring and demonstrating the treatment plan really helps me to implement it correctly myself. And all of this combined with the magic hand sports massage immediately made a difference to my poor posture and hence, immense pain! I cannot thank you enough and would recommend everyone sees you as soon as they have a slight niggle!”-Zainab A
“I have been seeing Abigail once a week since spring 2016. Due to the nature of my work I suffer predominantly from chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. The treatment is a targeted and efficient they help me with my day to day and eases the strain of my profession. She also helps me with my long term health by giving advice, tips and achievable goals so that I can prevent further problems. I always look forward to my appointments as they are relaxed and honest.
Abigail makes me realise there are easy changes I can make in my life to feel healthier and stronger.”-Linda P

“I am very physically active, over the last year I notice I was getting constant niggles, which were stopping me doing the things I wanted to in the gym. I would rest and they would go away for a while and come back. Since working with Abi she’s taught me new things about the way I move. She’s shown me areas I need to work on and I’m now able to work out as hard as I want gym.

-Luke H 

“I am a keen runner who suffers from pain in my Achilles during and after training, after 5 regular sessions with Abi the pain dramatically reduced and alongside exercise and stretches Abi has advised I am able to run pain free”
-Adam H“My legs feel so much better. Thank you! ”
— Jack W